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Malcolm McNeill

Malcolm-McNeillMalcolm McNeill is an artist and writer. He has created book jackets, record covers, and illustrations for magazines and newspapers, worked as a political illustrator for The New York Times, cover artist for Marvel Comics and was a film and television director for over fifteen years. At the 1991 Broadcast Design Awards he was introduced as “…the man probably responsible for the most imitated [television] design style of the 1980’s” and he has won numerous awards including an Emmy. In 2000 he quit directing to return to visual narrative in book form. He came to the United States in his twenties, to complete a Word/Image novel with William S. Burroughs, and his two books recounting his long working relationship and friendship with the author were published in 2012. McNeill was also recently featured in a Believer article titled “Falling Into Place“, covering his collaboration with Burroughs. Reflux – a collection of his essays – was published in July of 2014.